I’m Nikki, an entrepreneur focused on social innovation at the intersection of digitalisation and society. I was awarded 30 under 30 by Forbes and digital shaper by Bilanz. I am the co-founder of Intersections, board member of SGG and expert of the Digital Trust Label. From 2017-2022, I was the director of Opendata.ch.

I consult organisations, develop projects, teach, write and speak to contribute to sustainable futures. To enhance my impact, I take a systemic perspective, collaborate with artists and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships.


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AI Evaluation Bild

AI Evaluation: An ethical and societal impact assessment for AI applications to derive practical recommendations.

KI Escape Room Foto

AI Escape Room: An Escape Room about Artificial Intelligence and gaps in the digital system.

Climate Ticker Visual

Climate Ticker: A nationwide platform and community to evaluate and participate in local climate policies.

Prototype Fund

Prototype Fund: A support program for interdisciplinary teams that work on open-source public interest tech.

Data Café

Data Café: An awareness campaign about the value of data in modern society to strengthen data literacy.

Arui Trockenblumen

Arui: A start-up for sustainable dried flowers , which was sold to a family-owned organic farming business.

Arui Trockenblumen

VersusVirus: A national online Hackathon and incubation program to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social Business Club

Social Business Club: An association at the University of St. Gallen that raises awareness for social entrepreneurship.

Digital Utopia Workshops

Digital Utopia Workshops: A workshop series to nurture the imagination of positive digital futures.


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Foto des Vortrag über Digitalethik und Klimakrise

Digital Ethics Presentation: What do digital ethics and the climate crisis have in common?

swissfuture magazine

Swissfuture Magazine: An article about data gaps, inclusion and ethics in the digital transformation.

data literacy panel discussion

Data Literacy Panel: A panel discussion about data literacy and how to make data tangible.

Digital Ethics Interview

Digital Ethics Interview: An interview with the Swiss Digital Initiative about digital ethics, privacy and literacy.

10 vor 10 Beitrag

10 vor 10 Portrait: A tv portrait about my engagement in civil society and digital policy.

Podium Digitale Demokratie

Digital Democracy Panel: A discussion about what Switzerland can learn from Taiwan on digital democracy.

Digitalbarometer Interview

'Digitalbarometer Interview: A video interview about data awareness for the Digitalbarometer study.

Wert von Daten Magazin

'Wert von Daten' Magazine: An article about the value of open data for the Foundation Mercator Switzerland.

SRG Link Magazin

SRG Link Magazine: An article about data awareness and literacy in the Link Magazine by SRG.

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